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As Seen On Furaffinity: Winter is cool

Snowflakes on the tongue!


Dashing through the snow. . . no sleigh required when you have four feet!


As Seen On Furaffinity: Winter bites

Strangle me, why don't you!!!


Aww. . . things aren't THAT bad, are they?


That little fox doesn't look too comfortable.


This is a Pez dispenser. A hand-made one.


This drawing was done in the 21st century, not the 19th.


This may look like an original animation drawing (note the blue pencil, often seen on such drawings), but no.


The character is female.


As Seen on Furaffinity: 3-D furries

Get out your red-cyan glasses! Here's an anaglyph photo of a fursuiter. The 3d effect is more marked in the small view.


This stereo pair is a drawing. It can be viewed using the "freeview" technique, but not everyone can do that easily. You may want to try using one of these.


As Seen On Furaffinity: Funny foxes!

Not your usual furry fandom fox, but very vulpine is this seer.


If there's no spoon, what is this on the end of my nose?


What's harder: grabbing grapes out of your reach, or balancing a *cherry* on the end of your nose?


They both could use a lesson in balance from this non-funny fox.


THIS fox better keep his balance!


As Seen On Furaffinity, 2/22/2011

One of the most popular practices in furry fandom is the character con badge. Not to be confused with the official con badges required for admission, these badges are little wearable portraits of your signature character, usually called your "fursona". While some furs may draw their own, more often they're commissioned from of one of many fandom artists. It would be hard to find a furry who doesn't have at least one of these, and it would be hard to find a furry artist who hasn't drawn at least one. And many have drawn dozens, or hundreds, of these little portraits.

Here's one fans' collection of con badges, the same character by different artists:


Another collection: this time, different characters by the same artist. (Click 'full view'!)


Lovely con badge, done as a gift:


More of these later. . .


Furaffinity.net, online for six years now, is the largest site in the history of the Internet devoted to anthropomorphics and the furry community. It has over 400,000 registered memberships and receives as many as 5 million hits a day. It features a vast amount of art, music and stories created or commissioned by its users.

AS SEEN ON FURAFFINITY will be a daily feature on my LiveJournal starting today. I'll be sharing with you what I consider to be some of the best and most interesting general-audience graphic art from Furaffinity's members. You can access all my AS SEEN ON FURAFFINITY posts on one page, using this URL: http://dwylfin.livejournal.com/tag/asofa

I don't link to things 'ironically' or to make fun of them. There's enough of that kind of thing on the Internet. You can rest assured I actually like the stuff I link to. Two more things I can guarantee: that you will see a good variety of style and subject matter, and that I will NOT be linking to porn.

I'll be kicking off this feature with a few uploads from this past 2010 holiday season!

Very sweet seasonal card.


I don't know just what is going on here. Neither does the character!


How to be your own Christmas tree.


Here's how to have a "cup of cheer"!


This is the weirdest context for Santa hats I've ever seen. (Be sure to click on 'full view'!)